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Aluron aluminum system

Aluron is a brand that has been setting standards in the aluminum industry for years, offering products that combine innovation, functionality and aesthetics. Our Aluron offering includes technologically advanced window and door systems that are an ideal choice for modern, sophisticated architectural projects.

High quality and durability

Aluron products are characterized by exceptional workmanship and durability. Thanks to the use of first-class materials and technologies, Aluron systems provide excellent thermal and sound insulation, which translates into long-term comfort and savings.


Aluron offers a wide range of personalization options, allowing you to create a unique look for each project. The elegant design and variety of colors of our aluminum systems enable them to be adapted to any architectural style, from classic to ultra-modern.

Aluron in passive buildings

Aluron systems are an excellent choice for passive buildings where maximum energy efficiency is a priority. Aluron products are characterized by exceptional insulating properties, which has been confirmed by their use in passive houses. By optimizing heat flow and minimizing energy losses, Aluron products ensure thermal comfort while significantly reducing heating costs. Their advanced design and precise workmanship make them an ideal solution for anyone looking not only for aesthetics and functionality, but also for maximum energy efficiency in their passive house.

Selection of experts

Aluron products are often chosen by architects and designers to implement demanding construction projects. The possibilities of creating impressive glass facades and elegant, minimalist spaces make them an ideal solution often used in modern construction.

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