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AS 178HS PRO SLIM (Aluron)

Lift & slide doors

AS 178HS PRO SLIM system combines innovative solutions with modern design, creating next-gen, fully glazed HS doors. The system gives you the opportunity to create large, moving patio doors with low and warm threshold. Its structural mechanisms allows for safe and comfortable movmet of sash, both manually and automatically. Hardware from renowned suppliers allows even very heavy sash to be operated with ease.

The AS 178HS PRO SLIM system works in buildings with large glazing, restaurants, winter gardens, where moving from inside of the room to the outside, ease of use, design and aesthetics plays an important role. A major advantage of this solution is that it does not occupy the surface of the and fits very well with any interior. The innovative design allows for the highest thermal insulation parameters.
With the AS 178HS PRO SLIM it is possible to completely cover the frame in a layer of insulation, which highlights the decorative façade and enhance the unique characteristics of the building. It is possible to create the construction in all schemes available on the market (double or triple-rail design; fully glazed passive sash design, etc.)


  • Possible non-threshold design
  • Crimped aluminium frames
  • Narrow construction profiles
  • Large glazing surfaces
  • Possibility of glazing from the inside and outside
  • Possibility to combine two, three four or six piece construction based on double or triple-rail frame
  • Maximum width of the design – thanks to lengthwise connection of the frames
  • Broad range of colours
  • Modern design
  • Aesthetics, durability and functionality of aluminium
  • Compatibility with other ALURON systems

Selected parameters and system features

  • Sash depth: 78 mm
  • Glazing thickness up to: 59 mm
  • Maximum height: 3300 mm
  • Maximum moving sash weight: 400 kg
  • Variant with 90 degrees sash connection angle: YES
  • Thermal insulation Uf: from 0,7 W/m2K

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