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VEKAMOTION 82 from AdamS – Winner of the Program 2024 – Best Windows, Doors, Gates, Screens

Our product VEKAMOTION 82 was the winner of the Program 2024 – Best Windows, Doors, Gates, Screens 2024. VEKAMOTION 82 is an energy-saving patio door with a flat threshold and a large glazing area using smaller width profiles.

The most important features of VEKAMOTION 82 are:

  • energy efficiency
  • high quality profiles
  • huge glazing
  • high-quality fittings
  • safety additives
  • possibility of integration with a smart home system or use of remote control

The VIP program The best windows, doors, gates, covers promotes and disseminates exclusive, modern, energy-saving products in the field of construction joinery, which allows for the promotion of the best products that meet the needs of Consumers and Architects – says Grzegorz Cendrowski, president of Stolarka VIP. The awarded products are of high quality, original, innovative, interesting and worth recommending. For a product to pass verification, it must meet the following criteria: a response to customer expectations and effective satisfaction of consumer needs, it is introduced to the market and distributed using innovative marketing solutions, it has unique features that distinguish it from the competition’s products and services, it is characterized by high quality, and also has a unique design and the use of unique components.

During the 35th Woodwork Convention at the Castle in Gniew, which took place on February 21-22, 2024, the winners were awarded. Each product is characterized by high quality, innovation and originality.

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Find out more about energy-saving patio doors with a flat threshold VEKAMOTION 82

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