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VEKAMOTION 82 The latest Lift & Slide patio door system.

The characteristics:

ENERGY-SAVING – This system is characterized by excellent energy efficiency thanks to the multi-chamber profiles and a warm PVC threshold with exceptional thermal insulation. It will keep the floor at the door from getting cold. The system is available in two versions: VEKAMOTION 82, VEKAMOTION 82 with an aluminium overlay.

HIGH QUALITY OF PROFILES – Use of A-Class VEKA profile with a depth of 82 mm. The combined threshold and sash in the standard version have a section height of 152 mm, while the frame and sash give a total dimension of 163 mm. Mainly, the aim is to hide the threshold in the floor as much as possible. VEKAMOTION 82 Lift&Slide door system uses multi-chamber cover strips to conceal the screw connections after fitting. It makes the surfaces completely smooth, even without plugs. A two-stage sealing system is used here in the sliding sash area. A system of external seals ensures that the door is airtight, even under stress such as hurricane winds and heavy rain.

HUGE GLAZING – VEKAMOTION 82 system is adapted to installation of 3-glazed units with dimensions exceeding 5 m2 and weight 250 kg.

FITTING – Fittings that are used in the VEKAMOTION 82 system give a possibility of design of 2-leaf terrace door (system A) with maximal width to 6 m and height to 2,3 m or maximal dimensions 5 m at the height 2,7 m (white profiles) and 5 m width and 2,5 m height (colourful profiles). For four-leaf (schema C) even to 6,5 m width.
Leafs can be fixed or Lift & Slide since they can be adapted to specific needs. The fittings were fitted with ball-bearing wheels and Teflon sliders, thanks to that opening and closing of sashes are comfortable.

SAFETY – In the doors, it is possible to use various types of glazing units, including those with enhanced burglary resistance, profiles reinforced with steel sections and anti-burglary fittings and locking systems. The latest generation of the flat, faced to the floor, warm threshold with aluminium cap also ensures safety in everyday use.

In addition, you can apply a reed switch that connected directly to the alarm will signal an unauthorized entrance by the HST drive sash

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