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HST Passiv

HST Passiv lifted and sliding doors with 85 mm sash and 197 mm frame have been created for unlimited freedom of space creation.

The HST doors meet the three most-awaited criteria by customers:

TIGHTNESS – a system based on a profile of a leading Aluplast brand is one of the most impermeable solutions in its class. During tightness tests, he achieved an excellent result – a grade 8a (450 Pa). Thanks to this, even during the most extreme weather phenomena, HST Passiv will fulfill its task.

THERMAL INSULATION – with the use of deep construction of the sash, we can use very “warm” glass packages (Ug 0.5 or 0.6 W / m2K), thanks to which we achieve excellent thermal insulation. Depending on your needs, to achieve the lowest possible value of the UW dedicated to passive and zero-energy houses, we suggest selecting a solution using the HST Passiv system.

LARGE DIMENSIONS – HST COMFORT and HST Passiv also meet the next demand of the construction market, allowing for the construction of windows in this class with maximum dimensions for a width of 6000 mm and a height of 2500mm. Thanks to the modern machine park, we can offer you the performance of these windows in any available colour, regardless of the window system, you will decide to use our offer.

HST Lift & Slide doors can come in at least several different versions and arrangements of sashes and non-opening parts.

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