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Lift & Slide window profile system HST PASSIV CORNER VIEW is an ideal solution for optimum use of space within the area of corner terrace doors. With unrestricted freedom, comfort of use and energy efficiency in mind, we have created the door system with a lowered fixed door leaf, low threshold and a corner window joint utilizing the STEP technology, which provides plenty of daylight and enables optimum use of living space.

The main advantages of the HST PASSIV CORNER VIEW terrace windows are:

  • Limiting linear thermal bridges at the window structure and jamb interface.
  • Increases in passive energy gain from solar radiation during the heating season.
  • Increase in airtightness of the building.
  • Noticeable reduction of thermal energy loss used for heating purposes
  • Removal of architectural barriers.
  • Comfort and ease of use due to the required low operating force.
  • Improved lighting with daylight in the living space.
  • Competitive price compared to similar products made of wood or aluminium.
  • Modern design following the trends in architecture.
  • Freedom of interior arrangement in the vicinity of doors leading to terraces, balconies, and gardens.
  • Possibility of installation of fully glazed corner elements of structural walls.

Basic features of HST PASSIV CORNER VIEW terrace windows according to PN-EN 14351-1+A2:2016-10 are:

  • Heat transfer coefficient – Uw 0,68 W/(m2*K)
  • Wind load resistance – class C2
  • Watertightness – class 8A
  • Air permeability – class 4

HST PASSIV CORNER VIEW is a modern, innovative frame design with the highest level of balance between the economic benefits, comfort of use, respect for the environment and energy savings. Advanced technical solutions, as well as an excellent, lightweight design, fit into the current architectural trends. More heat, more light, more comfort for user – this is the mission, aim, and purpose of the HST PASSIV CORNER VIEW terrace windows.

HST PASSIV CORNER VIEW Lift & Slide windows system for terraces and balconies. It is a modern product both in the country as in Europe. It combines features, that until lately were unattainable for the PVC-U windows constructions. Design and ease of south Europe with high energy efficiency and reduction of energy loss which is necessary for a harsher climate of the Northern and Eastern Europe. The novelty and innovation of the product result from simultaneous application of three technical solutions which have not been applied to any sliding door made of PVC-U so far.

First of all, composite door thresholds with polyurethane core and reinforced fiberglass GFK contribute to a radical reduction in the values of linear thermal bridges throughout the circumference of the constructions with a structural wall. The guide rail is also strengthened by a GFK fiberglass.

Moreover, the lowered line of solid glazing profiles significantly increases the proportion of glazed surfaces in the total surface of the product. It directly translates into a reduction in the heat transfer coefficient of the structure, and at the same time, extremely and advantageously affects the energy balance of the product due to a significant increase in passive thermal energy harvesting from solar radiation in autumn and winter.

Thirdly, the use of state-of-the-art solutions in the field of seals causes the product to obtain an air permeability study in class 4 according to PN-EN 12207: 2001, which in practice enables, following the requirements of the Regulation of the Minister of Infrastructure on technical conditions, which should be fulfilled by buildings and their location, the application of the product in all types of buildings, especially in buildings equipped with mechanical supply and exhaust ventilation systems with recuperation.

In addition, thanks to the specialized SIEGENIA HST Portal fittings, we can move sashes weighing up to 400kg without the slightest resistance. In addition, we can use MHS SIEGENIA electric drive and control opening or closing without getting up from the sofa.

The latest solutions make the product made entirely of PVC profiles and glass, for economic reasons, becomes a serious competitor for definitely more expensive aluminium, wooden, or wood and aluminium structures, and at the same time towers over them in terms of energy efficiency and the possibility of limiting Energy losses, which makes it a product ideally inserting into the idea of environmental protection and CO2 reduction. Moreover, the product does not contain harmful substances referred to in art. 31 and 33 of Regulation (EC) No 1907/2006 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 18 December 2006, and all its elements and components may be subjected to recycling.
HST PASSIV’s Lift & Slide doors are manufactured with particular care for optimal consumption of materials and energy. The production costs and automation of manufacturing processes eliminate the randomness, and prime repeatability and production serene. At each stage of preparation of production, storage, and transport, we strive for the methods used, with particular emphasis on costs. Cost calculation always leads to their optimization and elimination of unnecessary, energy-intensive production and distribution processes, affecting the economy of high-quality product production.

A crucial advantage of HST PASSIV Corner View Lift & Slide windows is the low-threshold structure that makes them a friendly product for people with disabilities. After proper installation, the threshold element can cute with the surface of the floor. In this simple way, we eliminate one of the most significant communication barriers for people moving on wheelchairs. In this context, the ease of use is also worth emphasizing. The operational forces necessary to initiate the active sash movement do not exceed 100 N (10 kg), regardless of its size. The value of forces at just 10 kg makes everyday use easy for adults, children, and people with disabilities.

The lightness of the construction, the possibility of using a wide range of colours, and above all unique with regard to similar PVC products, the possibility of sealing, edge corner connecting connectors into the so-called STEP makes HST PASSIV Corner View for Lift & Slide windows perfectly fit into current architectural trends. Thanks to such constructions, it is possible to implement postmodern projects based on the freedom to shape usable space and light usage as a significant element of interior architecture. Unusual and hard to find in other PVC-U design products, it allows you to create original architectural solutions, expressive and excellent shapes of buildings.HST Passiv Corner View is a line of products for people who value space, elegance, comfort, safety, and warmth.

Emphasis on exceptional diligence in the process of production control, packaging, storage, transport, and assembly, determines the complexity of customer service, and assists the technical and aesthetic parameters of the HST PASSIV Corner View for Lift & Slide terrace windows.


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