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Energy-saving windows with timeless style

Neo is a window system offering a cubist and timeless style from the inside and outside. The simple and symmetrical shape of the profile creates the visual lightness of the window, which is further enhanced by narrow and expressive rebates. The whole thing adds modernity and elegance to the building’s facade.

Neo windows meet the highest requirements in terms of energy efficiency and the latest design trends.

The Neo system offers a 6-chamber profile with Uf = 1.14 W/m²K, which, combined with a two-chamber glazing unit (3 panes) with Ug=0.5 W/m²K and aluminum frames, allowed to obtain an extremely favorable Uw coefficient of 0 .87 W/m²K, for a single-leaf reference window with dimensions of 1230 x 1480 mm in standard equipment. The windows are equipped with Siegenia T-1000 fittings.

Additional profile protection

Neo windows have a special central rebate, which is an excellent barrier when trying to reach the fittings in order to break them in during a burglary attempt. The third internal seal located in the sash ensures better tightness, improving thermal and acoustic properties. It also separates the fittings system from rainwater by dividing it into a dry chamber (in which the fittings work) and a wet chamber (designed to drain water during rainfall). This significantly extends the life of the fittings and, therefore, the window.

A larger glass surface means more light

Maximizing the glazing area will ensure even greater light flow inside the room. The multitude of color options guarantees a perfect match to any design.

Sliding terrace doors for your windows

Neo windows will work perfectly compositionally and functionally with Neo Slide sliding doors.

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