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The latest generation of glass with ECLAZ coating - new in our offer!

ECLAZ is Saint-Gobain’s new generation low-emission glass for the production of top-quality double glazing.

Manufactured using ground-breaking technology, ECLAZ complements the acclaimed Saint-Gobain Planitherm® range.

Designed to provide the highest quality of double glazed units. Manufactured through the use of breakthrough technology.

ECLAZ is breaking new ground in the production of double and triple-glazed windows. Aesthetic appearance, thermal insulation, thermal gains, access to natural light – ECLAZ enables you to meet the most stringent requirements for energy efficiency of windows and occupant comfort without compromise.

Focusing on the comfort of residents and meeting the future standards of thermal insulation of buildings, Eclaz and Eclaz One glass allows for:

  • Up to 20% improvement in energy efficiency compared to the best windows currently available on the market thanks to the optimized use of free solar energy profits while maintaining high thermal insulation parameters.
  • Energy saving in winter and minimizing carbon dioxide emissions; Smaller heating needs in the winter season
  • Comfort thanks to the combination of effective thermal insulation, access to solar heat and minimizing the cold effect
  • Up to 10% improvement in daylight access, providing light comfort to residents
  • Reduction of use of artificial lighting

Low-emission glass with Eclaz coating is a combination of high energy parameters with excellent translucency. The parameters of windows made on the basis of ECLAZ glass make it already meet the strict legal requirements for the energy efficiency of new buildings that will apply in the future

ECLAZ windows are recommended in particular for windows and balcony doors in a cold climate and windows from the northern and eastern side or poorly lighted windows.

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