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TM 77 BIFOLD (Yawal)


TM 77 BIFOLD external folding doors combine high thermal insulation and comfort with maximum light transmission when the leaves are folded to the sides.
They are characterised by the versatility of configuration solutions with multi-leaf arrangements opening either to the inside or to the outside of the building. They can have any configuration of leaves.

It is a very convenient solution for everyday use, and at the same time has high technical parameters and allows large-scale structures to be made.

It is a modern product that fits in well with architects’ design freedom and has been developed to meet the high demands of users and investors. 

In addition to the standard folding elements, TM 77 BIFOLD can have a main door section where the first leaf is used as an entrance door without affecting the other folding elements. 

Additional compensation profiles offer the possibility of adjusting and reducing the tension independently of external conditions.

The folding system is compatible with the TM 77HI window and door system, and the method of connecting profiles is similar to other systems in the Yawal offer. 

Advantages of the system

  • large permitted dimensions and a wide span allowing the construction of
    doors with a leaf height of up to 3500 mm, a width of 1200 mm and a leaf weight of up to 120 kg,
  • high thermal insulation properties and energy savings,
  • solid structure based on reliable accordion fittings that retain their
    properties and efficiency for many years,
  • available variant with increased thermal insulation thanks to the use of
    additional thermal inserts around the perimeter,
  • versatility of configuration solutions with the use of multi-leaf
    compositions, even and odd, opening inward and outward of the building,
  • additional compensation profiles giving the possibility of adjusting and
    increasing the clear opening,
  • compatibility with TM 77HI window and door system and analogous
    connection of profiles

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