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A large-scale sliding door system with slim profiles completely hidden in the floor, walls and ceiling.

Moreview makes it possible to construct doors with a maximum height of up to 4 m and a maximum sliding leaf weight of up to 1200 kg.

The aesthetics of the design are supported by, among other things, a visible mullion width of only 27 mm at the leaf exit. The innovative design allows glass panes to be installed side by side without any aluminium components visible from the outside. The static mullion makes it possible to create a sequence of fixed glazings, while the all-glass corner allows them to be joined at any angle.

Advantages of the system

  • unlimited access to sunlight – transparency up to 98%,
  • independent Moreview system structures can be connected at an angle of 90°,
  • a static mullion allows for the construction of a series of fixed glazing, which
    can additionally be joined at any angle thanks to the use of an all-glass corner,
  • manual or automatic control, the mechanism controlling the opening process,
    depending on the needs, can be hidden or mounted outside the structure,
  • possibility of glazing from the outside,
  • linear drainage integrated with the frame,
  • possibility of constructing doors with max. height up to 4 m and max. sliding
    leaf weight up to 1200 kg,
  • possibility of servicing the carriage set without having to remove the heavy

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