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The window system is characterized primarily by high energy efficiency, confirmed by their use in passive houses. Moreover, this system is characterized by a virtually unlimited number of architectural combinations: from classic design, through hidden sashes and French windows (door windows), to unusual solutions.


The entrance door protects access to the interior of the building and is its showcase, so it is worth giving it an individual character. Door systems set current trends in thermal insulation and safety. A wide range of equipment and accessories is an additional guarantee that various expectations in terms of comfort will be met.


Schüco windows are not only synonymous with modernity and functionality, but also with increased comfort and aesthetics. It is also worth taking a look at our wide range of fittings and door handles. The abundance of available colors can provide interesting inspiration. Effective thermal insulation allows for significant savings. Thanks to the use of the latest technology, Schüco windows allow you to reduce energy consumption by up to 80%.

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Schüco aluminum joinery

Schüco is a brand recognized all over the world, known for providing technologically advanced solutions in the field of aluminum joinery. Our Schüco product range combines the latest technological innovations with sophisticated design, offering solutions ideal for modern, sustainable buildings.

High energy efficiency and durability

Schüco products are designed for maximum energy efficiency and durability. The use of advanced materials and production techniques ensures excellent thermal and acoustic insulation, which translates into comfort of use and energy savings.

Schüco - elegance and versatile design

Schüco offers a wide selection of aluminum systems that are characterized by elegance and design versatility. From minimalist, almost invisible frames to more expressive and characteristic profiles. Schüco products allow you to create unique and aesthetically refined glazing.

Schüco - thoughtful solutions for comfort

Each Schüco system is designed with ease and comfort of use in mind. Innovative functions, such as automatic opening systems, high tightness, and ease of maintenance, make Schüco products not only functional, but also extremely comfortable in everyday use.

Schüco in the architecture of the future

Schüco is the choice of professionals in the field of architecture and construction. Their products are ideal for implementing ambitious projects, from large glass facades to elegant, minimalist structures. Schüco is not only aluminum joinery, it is well-thought-out solutions that shape the architecture of the future.

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