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IMPERIAL (Aliplast with thermal insulation)

It is a three-chamber system intended for constructing exterior doors, windows and various types of shop windows. The 24 mm wide thermal break applied in the profiles, made of polyamide enriched with multi-directionally oriented glass fibre, significantly improves the mechanical strength of the external and internal chamber of the profiles. The thermal break is additionally equipped with a Coex sealing line, which forms a reliable vapour barrier and a perfect seal during the baking process of the powder-coated profiles. IMPERIAL door profiles have a heat transfer coefficient UR=2,2-2,3 W/m2K. Thanks to the parameters: a wider profile width of 65 mm (window and door frames, mullions, door leaves) and 74 mm (window casements) and a wall thickness of 1.7-2.0 mm, a rigid, stable profile has been obtained.

Window and door system with thermal insulation

  • three-chamber system
  • thermal break: 24 mm wide, made of polyamide enriched with multidirectional oriented glass fibre, considerably improves the mechanical strength of the external and internal chamber of the profile, additionally equipped with Coex sealing vein, which creates a reliable vapour barrier and excellent sealing during the burning process of powder-painted profiles,
  • profile width: 65 mm (window and door frames, mullions, door leaves) and 74 mm (window leaves), wall thickness: 1.7÷2.0 mm – thanks to these parameters, a rigid, stable profile has been obtained, which allows constructing doors of max. wing dimensions: width 1300 mm – at max. height 2200 mm, width 1200 mm – with max. height 2400 mm
  • windows: available filling thiknesses from 4 to 51 mm
  • doors: faced profiles, depth 65mm; non-flush profiles 65/74, various sizes and shapes of frames and sashes
  • PVC and aluminium window sashes with eurogroove
  • there is a possibility of glazing from the outside
  • windows: soft sash design (rounded) and clearly outlined rectangular shapes
  • doors: door frames integrated with window sills, wide range of widenings, strengthening profiles, glued system muntins
  • heat transfer coefficient: door profiles: UR=2,2÷2,3 W/m2K


IP-SU (Imerial Hidden Sash) and SP-SU (Superial Hidden Sash) systems are part of the Imperial and Superial window and door systems. Windows made of this system have invisible sashes from the outside. A specially designed frame shape hides the entire height of the sash profile.

The concealed sash system is the preferred solution by designers to “hide windows” in aluminium and glass development. Using this proposal we can avoid vertical and horizontal divisions.

The windows of the IP, SP Hidden Sash system allow for optimum performance of building façade structures taking into account the user’s individual needs concerning functionality, aesthetics and durability. The solutions make it possible to give the building an individual character, ensure the realization of the architectural vision, using an economical solution.

IPi, IPi+

  • the basic IMPERIAL system has been supplemented with an option of increased thermal insulation – available system variants: IPi, IPi+
  • increase in thermal insulating power has been obtained through the use of special thermal inserts inserted between the thermal breaks and around the glass, improving the insulation power of the glass section by 0.2-0.4 W/m2K
  • construction of IPi, IPi+ systems is based on proven, extended and valued Imperial base system


  • all kinds of showcases, windows, doors
  • showcases glazed with double glazing and single glazing
  • tilt&turn, tilt only, turn only, tilt&slide windows
  • doors opening outwards, inwards, single and double door leaf, with fanlights
  • swing and sliding doors
  • pivot windows with vertical and horizontal pivot

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