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„Warm“ Frame

By installing the SWISSPACER Warm Frame you can be sure that weaker points in the window insulation will be effectively eliminated. This additional barrier will reduce heating costs.

Warm Frame from AdamS – A revolution in window insulation

The warm edge is an innovative solution that is becoming more and more popular in modern construction. AdamS, known for providing high-quality window accessories, offers warm frames that guarantee excellent insulation and thermal comfort in your home.

Why a warm frame?

Classic frames are often a weak link in the window’s insulating system. In turn, the warm frame from AdamS minimizes thermal bridges, making the window more energy-efficient and the interior of the house warmer and cozier.

Technology at the highest level

AdamS focuses on innovation. Our warm frames are the result of advanced research and testing, which translates into their exceptional effectiveness. Using specially selected materials, they guarantee optimal thermal insulation.


The warm frame from AdamS not only improves the window’s insulation, but also emphasizes its aesthetics. Thanks to its subtle design and refined details, it integrates perfectly with any type of window without disturbing its appearance.

Invest in comfort with us

By choosing a warm frame from AdamS, you invest in comfort, economy and durability. If you care about excellent thermal insulation and aesthetics, a warm frame is the perfect solution for you. Don’t compromise on quality and functionality. Choose a warm frame from AdamS and enjoy a better standard of living in your home.

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