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Hoppe Secuforte® Hamburg – New

Window handles with SecuForte® technology from the Hamburg series offer a completely new, innovative standard of anti-burglary protection.


  • Protection against burglary by piercing the glass, frame drilling or shiftting the fittings from outside
  • Automatic lock function in a closed position (0 °) and tilted position (180 °)
  • More security in the window
The SecuForte® window handles are automatically locking after being moved and can only be moved again by pressing the handle towards the rosette. Manipulation with a closed handle from the outside is almost impossible. With considerable force, the handle might be pulled away from the scutcheon, but the window remains closed. It is extremely useful in the windows and balcony doors which are: easily accessible for burglars: on terraces, on the side entrances, on the ground floor, in hidden places of the building are easily accessible on the upper floors by simplicity to climb the roof of the garage, wall, shed, et cetera.

Available colours of handles:

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