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Titan VV (Hidden Hinge)

TITAN VV fitting (indoor hinge page)

A fully indoor hinge page is distinguished not only by its modern appearance but also by excellent thermal insulation parameters. The continuous sealing line uninterrupted by the fitting prevents air condensation on the rebate and its possible icing. The small amount of space required for mounting the hardware on the frame makes it possible to use the fittings with very narrow profiles, and at the same time, avoids undesirable thermal bridges.

The greatest advantages of TITAN VV include:

  • No visible hinges – uninterrupted window appearance
  • Perfect for both large buildings and single-family housing
  • High load capacity – can be used in windows with high energy-saving parameters
  • Comfortable use and reliable operation
  • Anti-theft protection thanks to the multitude of available solutions up to RC2

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