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Titan AF Balcony Latch

The door latch is placed on the door bolt and screwed when necessary. An unquestionable feature of our solution is the low friction on the latch.


  • A standard latch is used as a frame element.
  • Wide range of latching force adjustment.

Convenient door latches:

  • In the comfort variant, the door latch is released when the door leaf is brought into the tilt position,
  • thanks to that the door leaf can be tilted with less effort.

Siegenia Favorit balcony latch

Balcony latch SIEGENIA Favorit The use of a latch in the balcony door allows the door to be latched from the outside. When going out to the balcony, it is enough to pull the door with a special handle. The door will slam shut, and with light pressure from outside, it will reopen. This solution prevents the door leaf from hitting the frame during a draft, and there is no loss of heat when the balcony window is closed in such a way. When closing the door, the door leaf is pulled by the latch and thus kept latched.

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