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The confirmation of the continuous development of AdamS is the fact of receiving another Gold Medal in the competition organized during the Poznań International Fair. The Competition Jury, i.e. a team of experts consisting of outstanding specialists representing relevant areas of economic life, awarded the innovative, modern and multifunctional PASSIV-LINE S window. The window is intended for use in residential buildings and public facilities, where it is required to achieve above-average results in terms of reducing heat consumption, limiting CO2 emissions with a simultaneous high level of protection of rooms against noise and the highest level of property protection achievable for PVC-U structures The outstanding level of operational features such as thermal transmittance, air permeability, acoustic insulation and burglary resistance, combined with the highest achievable levels of durability and mechanical strength, make Passiv-line S windows unlimitedly applicable in urban areas with high noise levels.

The window also caused quite a stir at Budma 2019 – the WOOW EFFECT was caused by an innocent-looking acoustic box with the Gold Medal 2019-winning PASSIV-LINE S window, which emitted loud music when opened and could be heard throughout Hall 5, but fell silent when closed.

The specification of Passiv-line S windows is:

  • Thermal transmittance for the reference window Uw = 0.78 W / (m2 * K)
  • Acoustic insulation for the reference window Rw = 45 (-2; -5) dB; RA1 43 dB; RA2 40 dB
  • Burglary resistance for the reference window class RC2

Thank you for the award.
The statuette and diploma were collected by the president of the management board of Adam Pędzich.

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